Friday, May 12, 2006

Dear Pen Pal.
Hi! This is Soon-Ched Kwon, I am an English student. This is my first pen pal. So, I don’t know how to write this. But I think I have to explain about me and Korea! Who am I? I am a student of Okgye middle school. My present goal is to become a scientist, actually a chemist. But I also like Physics. Don’t you think finding the law of nature is wonderful?
Then . . . oh, Korea. You know, there are North and South Korea. Korea is a small country and divided. Today, many no, no. Most people want to unify. But my teacher said, “North and South Korea have very big social gap. So, Unification is very hard now. We had to unify this country 20 years ago.”
By the way, most Koreans think ages and the generation gap is important. So, Koreans ask to foreigners like this, “How old are you?” Isn’t it a rude action? I learned that it could be rude. What shouldn’t I do? Anything else? Umm, that’s all. Bye ~
Soon-Ched Kwon.


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