Friday, May 12, 2006

Harry Potter

Name: Kim Hyun Dong
English Name: Eric
Age: 14
Home: Gumi, South Korea
School: Jin Pyeong Middle School
Interests: Basketball, Beatboxing
In the Future: I want to be a prosecutor

Letter to Robin in Hermosa, Costa Rica

Hi Robin. How are you? My favorite answer is "fine." These days I play basketball, because I'm short, ha ha. But I'm a good player. What kind of sports do you like? Is there naughty boys in Costa Rica? There are naughty boys in Korea. But they are lovely. Someday I want to go to Costa Rica. See you again, bye.

Letter to Jen in Ottawa, Canada

Hi Jennifer. I'm Eric. I saw your picture, I think you are pretty. I heard you are Bryan's girlfriend. You and him are a very good couple. Soon we are making a class web page. Please come to visit our web page. But, most of the work is done by Bryan teacher, ha ha. I read your letter, you like fishing. I like fishing too. After fishing the taste of the fish is very delicious. Please in your next letter tell us Bryan's real character. See you again. Your pen pal Eric.


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