Friday, May 12, 2006

Name: Hwang Gyu Min
English Name: Kevin
Home: Gumi, South Korea
School Hwang Sang Elementary School
Interests: mysteries, delicious food, movies
In the Future: I want to be a computer programmer, a hermit, or a rich man

Letter to Robin in Hermosa, Costa Rica

Hello Robin. How are you? I was happy when I read your letter. I'm Kevin. Do you remember me? My face is a little bigand my eyes are very small. My hair is black and my skin is yellow. What do you look like? I'm in the 6th grade and my Korean age is 13. Does Costa Rica have delicious food? Can you swim? I can't swim very well. What animals do you like? Good bye. I'm very tired.

Letter to Jen in Ottawa, Canada

Hello Jennifer. Nice to meet you. I'm kevin. I received your letter well. You are a good pen pal. I was happy to get your letter. And very glad. But interpreting your letter was very hard. Do you like animals? Does Bryan ever make you angry? Bryan is a good man and may never make you angry. But, if Bryan did make you angry you should fight Bryan. I think you would win. Good-Bye, I'm tired. And your name means comiedian in Korean.


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