Friday, May 12, 2006

Name: Kim Hee Kyung
English Name: Arnica
Home: Gumi
School: Hwang Sang Elementary
Interests: kittens, comic books
In the Future: I want to be a doctor, or a television anchor

Letter to Robin in Hermosa, Costa Rica

Hello Robin. I am Arnica. Costa Rica looks very beautiful. I was happy when I saw your letter. I am in the sixth grade. Do you remember the 2002 World Cup? We made the semi finals. Do you like soccer? I don't like soccer, but I don't hate soccer. We wore "Be the Reds" T-shirts. I like to swim. I can dive, back stroke, and freestyle. Bye.

Letter to Jen in Ottawa, Canada

Hello Jennifer. I'm Arnica. Bryan teacher showed me your picture. Do you like movies? I watcha movie for ten minutes and then feel sleepy, so I don't really like movies. But I love comic books. They are very fun. Do you like comic books? My favorite is Masic Chineese Book. It's very fun. Your letter is fun. Bye.


Blogger Michelle said...

Hi! I am Michelle and I am 11 years old. I live in Hong Kong. I am going to be in Middle school in the comming year and I am trying to improve my writing skills by writing to a pen pal. Can I send you a postcard? Reply to me please.

11:10 PM


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