Sunday, May 14, 2006

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This page is is dedicated to making new friends from all around the world. We are the Special class at Prime Language School in Gumi, South Korea, and have initiated a writing program intended to connect with English speakers from a diverse selection of countries. We invite you to read our letters and to write us one back. To do so just click on the "comments" icon beneath our letters. We hope to hear from you!

This just in!!

A new letter from Paul Grewal in London England - the home of English.

Dear Hwang Gyu Min, Mi-Ji Kim, Bea Tea Hyun, Soon-Ched Kwon, Kim Hyun Dong, Jung Eun Sun, and Kim Hee-Kyung;

My name is Mr Grewal and I am a teacher in England. Thank you for all your wonderful letters! All of them made me smile. I have learned so much about Korea just by reading all the different things that you wrote. Now I’m very excited to try kimchi, since I have never eaten it before.

My class in London, England is too small to write letters. They are just five years old and still learning how to write. I can tell you that all of them like football and cricket. I think cricket is a strange sport, since I like baseball much better. In England, we eat lots of cheese and eggs and sausages. The national dish is called “fish and chips” which is deep-fried fish and potatoes and peas on a plate.

If you ever come to visit England, there are many famous things for you to see. In London, you could see Big Ben, which is a bell in a big building with a clock on top. You could also visit the London Dungeons, which has a bloody history. Near the Dungeons is the Tower of London, which holds the Queen’s Crown Jewels. The men who guard the Tower are called Beefeaters. All of these things are in London, along the River Thames. Outside London, you could visit Stonehenge, which is a mysterious monument of very large rocks. If you like ships, the best place to see all different kinds is Portsmouth.

Those are just some of the things you could see if you visit England. There are many more, I assure you! Korea sounds like it would be a very cool place to visit from your letters. Thank you again for sending them all to me!

Your friend,

Mr Grewal

Friday, May 12, 2006

Harry Potter

Name: Kim Hyun Dong
English Name: Eric
Age: 14
Home: Gumi, South Korea
School: Jin Pyeong Middle School
Interests: Basketball, Beatboxing
In the Future: I want to be a prosecutor

Letter to Robin in Hermosa, Costa Rica

Hi Robin. How are you? My favorite answer is "fine." These days I play basketball, because I'm short, ha ha. But I'm a good player. What kind of sports do you like? Is there naughty boys in Costa Rica? There are naughty boys in Korea. But they are lovely. Someday I want to go to Costa Rica. See you again, bye.

Letter to Jen in Ottawa, Canada

Hi Jennifer. I'm Eric. I saw your picture, I think you are pretty. I heard you are Bryan's girlfriend. You and him are a very good couple. Soon we are making a class web page. Please come to visit our web page. But, most of the work is done by Bryan teacher, ha ha. I read your letter, you like fishing. I like fishing too. After fishing the taste of the fish is very delicious. Please in your next letter tell us Bryan's real character. See you again. Your pen pal Eric.

Name: Mi Ji Kim
English Name: Julie
Home: Gumi, Soth Korea
School: Hwang Sang Elementary
Interests: movies, flowers, chocolate, Harry Potter
In the Future: I want to be a dentist

Letter to Robin in Hermosa, Coata Rica

Hello Robin. I'm Julie. I am thirteen years old. I was surprised to get your letter. 2006 World Cup is soon. Remember 2002 World Cup? We wore "Be the Reds" t-shirts. Maybe we will wear them again. The World Cup cheer is called the Vertex Dance. It is very easy, so everyone can learn! It's a very exciting dance!! I like watching soccer but I don't like to play. I want to show you my picture. Bye. Please write back as soon as you can.

Letter to Jen in Ottawa, Canada

Hello Jennifer. I'm Mi Ji. I live in Gumi. I am thirteen years old. My dream is to be a dentist. One year ago it was to be a doctor, but that changed because I don't like blood. I love chocolate!! And I like to see movies, look at flowers, and the Harry Potter series. Mu Gu Hwan is a very pretty flower. It is pink, white and purple. Bye.

Name: Hwang Gyu Min
English Name: Kevin
Home: Gumi, South Korea
School Hwang Sang Elementary School
Interests: mysteries, delicious food, movies
In the Future: I want to be a computer programmer, a hermit, or a rich man

Letter to Robin in Hermosa, Costa Rica

Hello Robin. How are you? I was happy when I read your letter. I'm Kevin. Do you remember me? My face is a little bigand my eyes are very small. My hair is black and my skin is yellow. What do you look like? I'm in the 6th grade and my Korean age is 13. Does Costa Rica have delicious food? Can you swim? I can't swim very well. What animals do you like? Good bye. I'm very tired.

Letter to Jen in Ottawa, Canada

Hello Jennifer. Nice to meet you. I'm kevin. I received your letter well. You are a good pen pal. I was happy to get your letter. And very glad. But interpreting your letter was very hard. Do you like animals? Does Bryan ever make you angry? Bryan is a good man and may never make you angry. But, if Bryan did make you angry you should fight Bryan. I think you would win. Good-Bye, I'm tired. And your name means comiedian in Korean.

Name: Kim Hee Kyung
English Name: Arnica
Home: Gumi
School: Hwang Sang Elementary
Interests: kittens, comic books
In the Future: I want to be a doctor, or a television anchor

Letter to Robin in Hermosa, Costa Rica

Hello Robin. I am Arnica. Costa Rica looks very beautiful. I was happy when I saw your letter. I am in the sixth grade. Do you remember the 2002 World Cup? We made the semi finals. Do you like soccer? I don't like soccer, but I don't hate soccer. We wore "Be the Reds" T-shirts. I like to swim. I can dive, back stroke, and freestyle. Bye.

Letter to Jen in Ottawa, Canada

Hello Jennifer. I'm Arnica. Bryan teacher showed me your picture. Do you like movies? I watcha movie for ten minutes and then feel sleepy, so I don't really like movies. But I love comic books. They are very fun. Do you like comic books? My favorite is Masic Chineese Book. It's very fun. Your letter is fun. Bye.

Dear Pen Pal.
Hi! This is Soon-Ched Kwon, I am an English student. This is my first pen pal. So, I don’t know how to write this. But I think I have to explain about me and Korea! Who am I? I am a student of Okgye middle school. My present goal is to become a scientist, actually a chemist. But I also like Physics. Don’t you think finding the law of nature is wonderful?
Then . . . oh, Korea. You know, there are North and South Korea. Korea is a small country and divided. Today, many no, no. Most people want to unify. But my teacher said, “North and South Korea have very big social gap. So, Unification is very hard now. We had to unify this country 20 years ago.”
By the way, most Koreans think ages and the generation gap is important. So, Koreans ask to foreigners like this, “How old are you?” Isn’t it a rude action? I learned that it could be rude. What shouldn’t I do? Anything else? Umm, that’s all. Bye ~
Soon-Ched Kwon.

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